Man gets operated to have permanent abs, and it looks weird!

Lee Coupland, a man from Leeds, England travelled far and wide and paid 3,500 pounds (INR 3,45,600) to get himself operated and get permanent abs. The first step of the process is to have all the fat sucked out of the body, which is followed by the surgical process.

Lee travelled from Leeds, all the way to Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, to go under the knife. The surgical process is called ‘Abdominal etching’, a process by which a surgery can give you permanent abs.

Early pictures of the surgery showed a scar on Lee’s belly, and while it is early days to comment, the effect sure looks weird. Lee, however, is optimistic about the trend of men getting themselves surgically enhanced. He said, ‘’ “I think more and more people will think it’s an option for them and it will become as common as boob jobs and nose jobs for women.”

(Images courtesy – BBC)

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