Meet the Hyderabadi travelers who completed chadar trek in Extreme Conditions


E madya chala mandi youngsters instead of spending money for partying, they are investing it in traveling. Kontamandi passion, kontamandi relief kosam and inkontamandi vala gurinchi vallu telusukodam kosam and nature ki deggararaga undadaniki. E Hyderabad ki chendina Suman and Sai Krishna kuda antey. Oke mindset, ideology and most importantly traveling valani best friends ni chesindi and chala takkuva mandi possible aye Chadar trek that too -31 degrees temperature unadpudu chesi chupinchagaligela chesindi. They even started a travel club called LYFE, which means Leave Your Footprints Everywhere.travellersThe 27-year old K Suman tana B Tech apoyaka, andarilage abroad veladamani chala plans vesaru, and even German language kuda nerchukunaru, but enduko ikada travel chedam ane thought tho anne maneskuni oka job lo join ayaru, adi anukokunda. After one year Google lo join ayaru. Akada work chestune, every weekend edo oka place ki velevalu. Sometimes with friends and sometimes alone.travellers

He always wanted to associate with nature, mountains and alanti oka trip time lo tana lage mindset unna 23-year old Sai Krishna ni kalisaru, who is working for Amazon. Then they started going every weekend for explored places and sometimes unexplored places like Nallamala deep forests for almost four to five years.

In the year of 2016, they did a 23 days road trip in the month of May from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. A time lo chala difficulties face chesaru, okasari accident ayyi five hours help kosam kuda wait chesaru. But they didn’t stop their journey. Even accident tarvata kuda, ekada rest tesukokunda, they drove around 13 hours per day, to reach the destination as per the schedule. Konni places lo accomidation kuda dorakala. Maybe traveling meda vallakunna love and passion eh vala journey ni successful chesindi anukunta.travellers

After coming back, they started this travel club, and recent ga 2018 January, with a group of 11 members, they completed the most difficult and dangerous trek Chadar. Instead of just sharing the photographs, vella main them enti antey, they want to shoot everything from base camp and till the end of the journey, so that the people who are interesting in travel, can get all the details about the trek. They are planning to continue the same for the next coming journeys.travellers

E travel club kosam Google job kuda quit chesi Suman completely dedicated to his passion. If you are interested you can also join their group. First vellu anni unexplored places ki velli, then only they will take a group to avoid any inconvenience to the newcomers.

Interesting right! All the best boys for your future endeavors!

You can check his video on Chadar trek here: