Some good food eating habits


Man mainly earns money to have good food, shelter, and a decent lifestyle. But somewhere in this never-ending run for the money, we are forgetting the basics! Due to busy lives, we are not having time for the basic needs for which we are working so hard. Food if not consumed properly can make us gain weight and can cause health issues. So let’s see some of the good habits that we should incorporate daily, if not at least mostly.

Don’t Binge Eateating habitsHave you ever seen sages and monks asking for food? They bring their palms together and seek for food. That’s because only palms full of food can be digested by our stomach at a time. And it will take around 2 hours for it to get properly digested. We tend to have only 3 meals per day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As our stomach is starving rest of the time it will start craving for food when you sit for a meal. This will increase the intake of excess food which will be converted into fat. So to avoid this, instead of taking 3 big meals a day, start taking 6 small meals a day with a gap of 2-3 hours.

Sit Cross Leggedeating habitsThis is a standard posture that our past generations followed for ages, sitting cross-legged on the floor while eating. By sitting that way, it boosts up the digestion. In that posture we can only eat how much we want, if we eat even a morsel more our tummy gives out a feeling of extra full and we start getting uncomfortable in that posture.

Eat With All Your Senses!eating habitsThe mind plays an important role in digestion. We often observe that the people who have lots of tension and stress are prone to obesity and heart risks, that’s because the food is converted to fats instead of burning off as energy. When we eat the food, we should have a calm mind. All 5 senses should be active. We should see the food, observe it’s colors. We should eat food with our hands, touch it and feel the texture, smell the food and also taste it and chew it properly. When we eat food with all the 5 senses, our mind and tummy give a hint that it’s full so that we don’t over eat. If we watch tv or be busy with our mobile we can’t savor the food and don’t know how much we are eating ignoring the signal.

Don’t Wake Up To Tea or Coffee4 - nutsOur blood sugar levels drop at night as we sleep. So within half an hour of waking up we should have some solid food be it fruits, dry fruits etc. and later breakfast. But what we do is dumping a cup of coffee or tea and keep that starving of the stomach silent and then after a long gap we have breakfast. Stimulants like tea or coffee which contains caffeine increases our blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate, we mistake this to be energized and kicked up for the day! Having tea or coffee once or twice a day is fine, but not on empty stomach!

Think Global, Eat Localeating habitsNever say no to the authentic foods of your place. In the name of dieting many of us are giving up the main foods that we grew up with like Idly, Dosa, Paratha, Upma etc. These foods were added into our lifestyle in accordance with the climatic conditions we live. If you are in Ladhak have a plate of Momos guilt free, when in the south have their local foods but everything in a limit.