9 forgotten outdoor games we played in our summer vacations


Before smart phones, smart TV’s and all such things took over us, we had family times in front of TV or a vacation. We go to our grandmothers’ place and play with our cousins. Let us take a trip to the lane of our childhood and refresh our memories.

1. Video Games1-Video-game
2. Tokkudupilla2.-Tokkudu-Billa
3. Hide and Seek3.-Hide-and-Seek
4. Lock and Key4.-Lock-and-Key
5. Seven Stones5.-Seven-Stones
6. Land and Water6-land-and-water
7. Colour Colour which colour do you want to choose?7.-Colour-Colour-which-colour-do-you-want-to-choose
8. Kho Kho8.-Kho-Kho
9. Chain cut9.-Chain-cut