7 DIY Creative Ideas To Prepare Your Own Trendy Neck Pillows For Traveling


During traveling for long hours, one of the difficulty that we always face is neck and back aches. So, to avoid this, before you hit the road, don’t forget to carry these DIY travel pillows for a comfortable journey.

1. Bunny travel neck pillow to avoid neck aches and for a good sleep.1Neck-Pillow
2. You can lock your pillow along with this seatbelt neck pillow for a comfortable journey.2Neck-Pillow
3. Turn a small blanket (or any soft item) into a travel pillow.3Neck-Pillow
4. This is especially for Moms. It can be used as both a pillow and to store books.4Neck-Pillow
5. Try to make this animal themed neck pillows for your kids. They will definitely love it.5Neck-Pillow
6. Pillow with an eye mask. What a perfect combination for traveling?6Neck-Pillow
7. And puppies need pillows, too! Try to make this cushioned pad out of terrycloth towels for your puppies.7Neck-Pillow