Presenting you the Native Cuisine of Telangana!


Telangana cuisine has 2 variations. Telugu food, Hyderabadi food!!

Telugu food:

1. Chapathi and Pappu is one of the most famous dishes of the culture.1telangana-cuisine2. They are the spiciest amongst all the other telugu and Indian cuines2telangana-cuisine3. Jonna Rotte, Uppidipindi, Vankaya Pulusu are some unique dishes that you will not find anywhere else.3telangana-cuisine4. Sakinalu, SarvaPindi are some savory dishes that will totally drool you!4telangana-cuisine5. Polelu, Garijelu and many more sweets are perfect for any sweet toothed person!5telangana-cuisineHyderabadi Food:

1. Who doesn’t know Hyderabad is famous for its biryani with Mirchi ka salan??6telangana-cuisine2. Shahi Tukre or Double ka Meetha, Qubani ka meetha, Sheer Khurma are some famous sweets of this land.7telangana-cuisine3. Bagara Bhaigan, Samosa, Street side dosas, Chicken Shawarma, Seasonal Haleem are the most famous savory dishes.8telangana-cuisine4. Do not forget the Irani Chai!!!9telangana-cuisine