Price Comparison Of Various Products From 2000 to 2016


We are already in the middle of another new year which feels that it started just a few days back, and most of us are hardly aware of how the time passes by. Can you believe that its already been 16 years into the new millennium? The world has advanced in every sector and so have prices in every field. Inorder to see the leap prices have made, we here made a comparison of prices on a few basic commodities that we all can relate to.

Take a look and let us know if you can recollect more such products. I am sure there will be many, please mention them in the comments section below.

Single Screen Theatre Movie Tickets 


Appatlo oka Prasads thappa, anni single screen theatres ye kada. Balcony tickets Rs 25 unde. Adhe ippudu Rs 80 varaku ayindhi. Akkada ikkada kodhiga difference undochu, but difference arthamaindhi kada.



Gurthu thechukunte, Rs. 25 petrol kottinchukunte oorantha tirugochu. Adhe ipudu kottinchukunte, Malakpet lo Mallanna gaadi galli nunchi Sithaphalmandi Sathanna gaadi galli varaku vellochu.



Appudu oka break lo, Rs. 10 lo tea cigarette and 4 centre fresh lu vasthundhi. Ipudu oka tea thappa inkem raadu. Actually centre fresh price em maraledu kada!! 😛



Evaraina beer babulu unte arthamavthundhi. Rs. 100 ki rendu beer lu vachevi, ipudu okati kuda kastamu. #BeerKastalu



Chicken Biryani Rs. 50 lo ayipoyedhi.. Ipudu single plate biryani kuda raadu.

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