Yet again, Rakhi Sawant manages to become the hot topic for discussion..!

By Priyanka Kanoj

Rakhi Sawant leaves no stone unturned to get enough attention. Branded as the favorite child of controversy, Rakhi Sawant takes the ‘attention seeking’ task to entirely another level.
Rakhi Sawant in a recent event wore a little dress with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pictures all over. It was for a pre-Independence day event organized for the Indians in the US, she dressed in the most disgusting way. She posed for the photos wearing the dress and soon got all the attention she needed.
All of us know that Rakhi Sawant is a mere attention seeker and she always leaves us surprised by the different ways she adopts to get into the news. Rakhi Sawant also comes up with the so-called ‘justifying’ points, to prove that she is the one who is right.

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