This Girl Scaled Mt. Everest After Losing Both Her Legs

Are you suffering from Monday morning blues?

Feeling lazy and demotivated to go about your work?

This is an appropriate time to introduce you to Arunima Sinha.


In 2011, Arunima was a national level volleyball player. She was travelling on a train when some goons tried to snatch her chain. She fought back, only to be pushed out of the train. She landed on the tracks, as another train from the opposite side ran over her legs. She lay on the tracks all night bleeding, as rats began to eat into her flesh.

When she was eventually taken to a hospital for treatment, she decided to change her life around.

How? By embarking on the toughest adventure on earth. Arunima decided to scale the Mount Everest. In spite of having one leg amputated, a rod in another, and fractures to her spine. From barely being able to walk, Arunima scaled the Everest, and then went on to scale the highest peaks in Africa, and Europe too.

Watch Arunima’s story here, and let us know if it didn’t give you goosebumps.

So, how do you feel today? 🙂

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