This is arguably the best ever song dedicated to Mothers!


Mother! The greatest emotion universe can ever experience. The feeling which begins as soon our live starts. The word ‘Amma’ is the epitome of happiness and Mother is the only proof that God exists. Celebrating this feeling, there are numerous brilliant songs, but this one would be the best ever. “Pedhave Palikina” from the movie ‘Nani’. And who would be the best one to compose a song on mother, than the person who dedicated his Oscar to his mother. None other than the Mozart of Madras A.R.Rahman. This man has given arguably the best song in Telugu dedicated to mother. This lullaby has been haunting the melody lovers ever since its release.
There are several specialties about this song. Lyricist Chandrabose had only a few hours of time at midnight to finish off writing the song and that too it was his first song to write for A.R.Rahman. Having that in mind, he memorized his mother and his wife who was bearing a child then to get the inspiration for the song. Incidentally, it was almost a similar situation for the lead character of the film. Everything got along and the song came out as one of the greatest ever compositions in their career. The movie was beautifully directed by S.J.Suryah and had one of the most critically acclaimed performances of Superstar Mahesh Babu. One the eve of Mother’s Day, we broke down the lyrics of this song. Happy Mother’s Day.

Lyric Breakdown:


Kadiledevathaamma, kantikivelugamma
Kadiledevathaamma, kantikivelugamma
Thana lo mamathekalipipeduthundimuddaga
Thana laalipaatalonisarigamapanchutundipremamadhurima…”
|| PedavePalikina ||
The first stanza of the song is describing the greatness of mother. First two lines “PedavePalikina…KantikiVelugamma” says, ‘Mother, is the sweetest word in every language. She is the living god and the spark in our eyes!’ The next lines “Thanalo…Madhurima” means, ‘She feeds you with each nibble filled with her affection. She sings a lullaby to us with each tune filled with love!’Pedhave-Palikina-Maatallone-1

Charanam 1:
“Manalonipraanamamma, manadainaroopamamma
Nadipinchedeepamamma, karuninchekopamamma
Na aaliammagaavuthundaga
Jo laalipaadanakammaga…kammaga”
|| PedavePalikina ||
The second stanza is about the lead actor singing to his own mother and his wife who is carrying a child. The first two lines “ManaloniPranamamma…TeepiSaapamAmma” translates to ‘Mother is our soul. We are her resemblance. She is the epitome of compassion. Mother is the light to our path. She is the merciful anger and the sweetest sin who showers boons.’ In the next line the character says, ‘Wouldn’t I sing the sweet lullaby as my dear wife is going to be a mother?’ in the lines “Naaaali…Kammaga!”

Charanam 2:

“Potthilloyedigebabu, navolleodigebabu
Na kongupattevadu, nakadupunaputtevadu
Na chinninaannani, vaadi nanna ni

Yedigiyedagani o pasikoona,muddulakannaJoJo
Bangaruthandri Jo Jo…BajjolaaliJo…

Yedigiyedagani o pasikoonamuddulakannaJoJo

This stanza is sung by the lead actress, who is going to be a mother who sings about the child in her womb and about her husband, the lead actor who is mentally a child himself. She compares both of them in her children as she says, “Pothillo…Challaga!” which means, ‘I’ll be a mother to the kid growing in my womb and his dad cuddling in my lap. I shall love one to be born same as the one who will never leave me. I shall take care of my chosen one and my little one all the time!’ The next lines “YedigiYedhagani… BajjoLaali Jo” translates her singing to, ‘Oh my priceless possession, my cute love, my innocent baby, just sleep peacefully. Slip in to a deep slumber as I sing this lullaby. Then I will come to you dream and bestow love upon you!”