This IIM Student’s Personal Site Is An Employer’s Dream!

varun from flipkart

While walking along a flock of sheep, you are just one among them. It’s when you choose to run away in your own path, even the shepherd will run behind you.

If hired, quoting the value he can add in turn to the online giant, Flipkart, Varun Gampa came forward with a website in which he presented his analysis on the App-only strategy along with some valuable suggestions.

With a detailed analytical study on the growth of mobile users in rural areas, he suggested  to introduce local languages and improve marketing strategies. He has done a comprehensive study on the pros and cons of Flipkart being restricted to only an App based approach.

Here check out some interesting analytical reports he put his time and expertise into. Sug1 to 4-1



The depth of analysis shows the substance of content he has in him. It simply shows the level of confidence he has on his work. The creative approach he took is another feather in his cap.

In a line he conveyed – ‘You needn’t hire me! I will show you my worth and then you evaluate for yourself’

Here check out his website

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